The Kinder Gentler Underground

• March 19th, 2021

StickyRik and I talk about Andy Summers and the Police.  Revenge and forgiveness. The future of both the collective and the Podcast.  Schizoid personality disorder. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did making it.

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The Return of StickyRik

• March 4th, 2021

Sticky Checks in from the road.  We talk about post-processing and Affinity Photo. Freedom and Slavery.  Love and Hate.  I hope you enjoy the show.

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The Photographic Underground Ep. 5 Austin Ziprick

• December 12th, 2020

Austin and I talk about The Cult and Johnny Cash. Drones and the North Sea.  Film and Super8. The Kardashians and Teens with bad decision making skills.

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Episode 4. Jesse Fuentes

• May 9th, 2020

Low riders, Beer and Homeless people.  What more could you ask for.


The Photographic Underground EP.3 StickyRik

• March 29th, 2020

StickyRik is Back and We talk about all kinds of shit. Pandemics, Iphone, film and Self-respect.

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The Photographic Underground: Episode 2, Felix Quinones

• January 11th, 2020

Ex-Marine Felix Quinones started serious photography less than two years ago and he has gone far.  We talk about Lightroom and Presets. Marines and Army. Music and life.  I hope you enjoy it.


The Photographic Underground Ep.1 Josh Halford

• January 4th, 2020

Photographic Underground Ep.1 Josh Halford

Photographer, Web Designer and world traveler Joshua Halford.  We discuss Film and Digital. Latvia, Baja California and Ireland. Taking your future in your hands.  I hope you enjoyed it.  




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